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UnlockSC Launches Monday, July 1 on FundingSC.com

Try BiblioBoard Core for free for the duration of the UnlockSC campaign!

Username: UnlockSC [AT] biblioboard [DOT] com
Password: ICARE4SC

What is UnlockSC?

UnlockSC is a crowdfunding campaign to bring BilbioBoard (more on that below) into South Carolina classrooms.

How can I contribute?

If you would like to become a backer of the project, UnlockSC will go LIVE Monday, July 1 at: www.fundingsc.com

Even if you can’t become a backer, we hope that you will spread the word to friends, family, and loved ones. 

What happens if you reach your goal?

The first three counties in greatest need (more on that below) will receive BiblioBoard, perpetually! Those counties are: 1) Dillon; 2) Marlboro; 3) Clarendon. Then, if it’s possible, we’ll keep going and try to “unlock” as many counties as possible. Hopefully, we can get BiblioBoard into every school in the state!

What happens if you don’t reach your goal?

We’re really hoping that doesn’t happen. But if, for some reason we don’t reach our goal, all of the money raised goes back to the backers of the project.

What is BiblioBoard?

BiblioBoard is a sustainable app ecosystem that syncs technology with education. It features curated books, images, documents, artifacts, sounds, and video, organized thematically. The app is native to all tablet devices and the web. It is an engaging new way for students to learn on tablets and the web. We’ve set up a special trial version of BiblioBoard Core just for this project. Please feel free to check it out at: library.biblioboard.com; Username: UnlockSC [AT] biblioboard [DOT] com; Password: ICARE4SC. We’re pretty happy with our work, and we think you will be, too.

Who created BiblioBoard?

BiblioLabs—a small, powerful team of 25 or so software engineers, historians, editors, marketers and community managers. For more on us, check out biblioboard.com/about. We don’t bite!

Why South Carolina?

BiblioLabs was founded by South Carolinians, and is based in Charleston, SC. We are proud to be a part of Silicon Harbor and a strong contributing member to our local tech community. We wanted to make a big difference for the schools that educated us.

“Starting with the counties in greatest need?”

Yep. We want to first help those counties that may be struggling the most. Now, there are millions of ways to cut and analyze the data and, therefore, just as many ways to define which counties are in “greatest need.”

We decided to rank counties by per capita income. We felt that using this statistic gave us a relatively accurate and unbiased view of the state. Our source? The U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (part of the U.S. Department of Commerce). If you have any questions or need clarification on this ranking system, please email us! The first three counties will be: 1) Dillon; 2) Marlboro; 3) Clarendon. We will include the full, ordered list as well as an interactive, real-time counties map on fundingsc.com when the project goes live.

Is this a charity cause?

No. It’s a crowdfunding project. This is a way to engage our local and state community in a collaborative effort to benefit our education system.

Why don’t you just give BiblioBoard away?

Well, we’re coming pretty close! If we sold BiblioBoard to every school in South Carolina, it would cost $6.25 million! Instead, we are crowdfunding it to the tune of a 96.3% discount. Not bad, eh?

If the project is successful, how will the schools receive BiblioBoard?

We will be speaking with administrators before, during, and after the UnlockSC campaign. If their county is “unlocked,” we will notify them. From there, we will set them up with a “free for life” account and give them the log-in credentials, along with hand-in-hand support to ensure that everyone understands how to effectively use the platform.

I have a different question!

Please feel free to contact us anytime!

UnlockSC [AT] BiblioLabs [DOT] com