Out of the Stacks: Annual Charleston Conference Library Party

BiblioLabs is proud to present the inaugural Charleston Conference library party: Out of the Stacks!

Each year, BiblioLabs will host a party to help kick off the Charleston Conference. This year, the party will celebrate Charleston’s rich music history, headlined by the excellent Jazz Artists of Charleston!

The party kicks off at 8pm, Wednesday, November 6 at the Music Farm. All conference-goers with a badge will get in FREE! All others: $15 at the door, with proceeds benefitting JAC’s educational outreach initiatives. Advance tickets can be ordered here: http://www.musicfarm.com/event/390277-out-stacks-charleston/

For more information:

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BiblioLabs | EBSCO
Jazz Artists of Charleston
Logan Venderlic | 54 Bicylces | Sistine Robot
Fox Music House | Music Farm

Staying at the Francis Marion? It’s a very short (0.3 mi.) walk to Music Farm!